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Place of Purification and Rejuvenation.
Place of Purification and Rejuvenation.
March 19

San Miguel de Allende has lodging and services to accommodate all budgets, but in the city's intimate, luxurious boutique hotels, you'll find traditional Mexican hospitality amid modern upscale amenities and personalized, indulgent service. Whether or not you choose to stay at these luxury hotels, you can enjoy the restaurants and spa services they offer. You can visit one of our  Spas, they are a place of purification and rejuvenation. We offer treatments in beautiful colonial style rooms with air conditioning. The Spa offers a range of treatments from traditional healing therapies based on natural hydration Laja River, until fully modern treatments. We diagnose exactly what your skin needs and prescribe the ideal treatment.

Full day of admiring with exceptional Views
Full day of admiring with exceptional Views.
March 19

San Miguel de Allende is one of Mexico´s World Heritage Cities, well worth one full day of admiring together its baroque architecture.
You don´t want to miss the main garden and San Miguel Church, the icon of the city; the mansion Casa de los Condes de la Canal, the Cultural Center with mural paintings of Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros, as well as to visit the neighborhood named Del Chorro, with several lovely gardens and fountains and with exceptional views of San Miguel. This Town is a delightful colonial city in the state of Guanajuato. Its cobblestone streets, romantic plazas and street musicians attracts visitors into the town's rich cultural life. In San Miguel de Allende you can find a spring weather all year round and lots of theaters, art schools, cooking classes, writing workshops, libraries and museums. Stay in a charming Hotel and have great days in Town.

Several important Festivals in Town.
Several important Festivals in Town.
March 13

San Miguel de Allende, but in true Mexican fashion, fiestas are celebrated with great fanfare. Many festivals take place year-round in San Miguel: there's a film festival, religious fiestas and parades, and several important music festivals.
San Miguel de Allende invites long leisurely walks. There are many secrets to be discovered while wandering the narrow cobblestone streets of this town. Don't forget to pack good walking shoes, because the cobblestone, though picturesque, can be treacherous.
The Jardin Principal is the perfect place to begin your explorations. This is the heart of San Miguel, and narrow cobblestone streets stretch out from here, with beautiful churches and mansions from the colonial period. Walls are painted in warm earthy tones of brown, terracotta, deep ochre, dusty pink and yellow. Bright magenta and purple bougainvillea add splashes of brilliant color.

San Miguel De Allende
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